Creating awareness is the first step in a continuous relationship with the financial community, a relationship that bears fruit in the form of greater access to capital, greater share liquidity and achieving fair market valuation. BCR Consulting will identify both potential new share holders and potential new analyst coverage for your Company. We have long standing relationships with both buy-side portfolio managers and analysts as well as sell side analysts and we will leverage these relationships on behalf of our clients. Our efforts will be divided into the following actions:

Financial Community Positioning
BCR will determine the most compelling investment thesis for your Company and review and revise your current corporate presentation to reflect this new thesis.
Sell-side Analyst Relations
Our team has established a vast network on the sell-side and will develop a specific target list of sell-side analysts that will become the focus of our analyst relations effort. We will arrange for management to meet with these sell-side targets and we will also capitalize on positive corporate developments and media coverage by sharing it with this constantly evolving target list.
BCR will consider strategies to build up the retail market’s interest in your Company through retail orientated conferences and presentations to local brokerage groups.
One-on-One Buy-side Presentations
Given our extensive experience working on the buy-side, we have a great understanding of what and why investors are attracted to new investment opportunities. Thus, BCR will build a continually evolving institutional target list for your Company and target these institutions for potential one-on-one meetings with management. After these meetings, BCR will follow up to see what needs to be addressed in order to convert the interest into ownership.
Investor Conferences
BCR will identify potential conferences that would be a strategic fit and might be open to a presentation by your Company and we will pursue invitations.

BCR Consulting will develop a comprehensive investor relations program that will greatly improve the public image by clearly articulating our client’s key investment attributes, strategic direction and financial expectations. A key driver for this will be our proactive relationship building efforts where the BCR team members regularly meet with portfolio managers and analysts to determine their interests and investment parameters, and then bring them stories that meet their investment needs. This process is a major factor behind our ability to convert initial interest in a company into tangible results.


In order to have a successful investor relations program it is essential that all communication should be thought of as a branding effort. This means that all communications should convey key messages that we determine management should focus on when communicating with the financial community, media, etc. Additionally, it is essential that all communications issued by the Company consider the impact on all stakeholders during the planning and drafting phases.

Press Releases
If it is Company practice to generate most news releases internally, BCR will provide the Company with input and editing suggestions from an investor perspective. BCR will also manage the press release distribution process. BCR can also assist in the generation of press release drafts on behalf of the Company, if the Company so chooses.
Conference Calls
BCR Consulting will manage your Company’s earnings conference calls from start to finish. We will also work with senior management to determine the appropriate structure of the calls, including timing, screening and format. We will manage the distribution of the invitation, follow up with key opinion leaders to encourage their participation and arrange for Webcasting of the event. BCR will prepare your conference call script drafts, provide advance input and review later drafts. In addition, we will develop potential Q&A for management’s consideration. Finally, we will make sure the event is on your website both live and archived, and we will conduct a post-call review with key participants.
Fact Sheet
During the quiet period, we would recommend that BCR Consulting draft a one-page fact sheet that would be used as part of a hard copy information kit and on the IR portion of your website. We will work with management to determine the other key components of the information kit, such as recent releases, articles, etc.
Annual Report
We will advise in the development of the annual report’s theme and content, graphic design and production vendor recommendations, oversee the selected vendor to ensure successful project completion from a timing and quality perspective, and make sure the report is appropriately converted for the website.
Research & Analysis
An important part of any investor relations effort is to know the developments of your peers and their potential impact on your Company. We will monitor your stock activity, as well as that of the peer group, and we will poll the Street to determine current attitudes towards your Company on a regular basis.
Public Relations
In today’s competitive marketplace, it is essential to maintain an expanded audience focus. BCR Consulting can align with your existing PR counsel and will provide basic public relations services including target marketing, designing and updating press kit, media news distribution and appropriate follow up.


A key element of a successful investor relations program is the importance of using the Internet and social media as a tool to achieve a company’s investor relations goals. A company's IR site is often the first place a prospective investor looks for information on the company. BCR will implement a specifically tailored web program and social media program for your Company that works in agreement with our ongoing investor relations efforts.

The immediate goals of a BCR investor relations Web program are:

  • To create a web location where your Company’s investors and potential investors have timely, comprehensive, easily accessible investor information
  • To ensure that all investor information is the latest and most up to date material available
  • To present the information to the investor in a way that will give a sense of immediacy to a company’s Capital Markets story and focus the investor’s attention on the elements of the story that we want to emphasize
  • To market and position the website with a focus on drawing a new high-level/long term investor.

The immediate goals of a BCR investor relations social media program are:

  • To create a social media presence where your Company’s investors and potential investors have timely, comprehensive, easily accessible investor information
  • Monitor the company name and all its components to garner general sentiment towards the company and its image in the eyes of the investment community
  • Stimulate conversations to engage the company’s investment community
  • Become dynamic, dynamic companies are assumed to be investment-healthy companies.

BCR will construct the investor relations website and social media program to seamlessly match both the functionality and design of your Company’s main website.